Friday, November 16, 2012

On With the Art

Hi all,
After another long break, I'm back with some new things to show you.  

Just to let you know why I've been quiet lately, I was having a lot of stress at my day job for several months.  It had increased recently and led to some anxiety attacks, insomnia, and a fibromyalgia flare up.  My work troubles finally culminated in being let go without warning last week. After over 3 years doing my best for my employer, it was quite a shock, though I knew I needed to move on and had just started looking for another job.  

So I've filed for unemployment benefits and started a job search, but after getting over the initial upset, I'm feeling like I've been let out of prison.  Financially it's not a good thing, but emotionally it feels heavenly.  I'm taking my dogs for walks again.  Sitting down to eat breakfast.  Catching up on some of the things I haven't had time for. Yes, please, more of this ^^.

And so, on with the Art!  I hope to have more time to develop the ideas and work on the projects that have been sitting on the back burner for so long

I finished four of the St. Nicholas candle holders I was working on in my last blog post. These two sold immediately to an old friend:

and these two are still listed in my shop, looking for a good home :)

I've started on a new idea this week.  I collected a few old wooden bowls & dishes at a thrift store recentlyAfter some TLC as needed for each, I will paint the inside surface and varnish it.  Here is my first collection, with one I've started working on: 

They can be used for interesting decor on a shelf, table, or dresser, and can be useful for holding jewelry, change, keys, or whatever.  Some might be fun to hang on a wall as art. I like finding a way to reclaim and recycle an unwanted used thing and make it pretty and new again.  They are all so different and interesting to me!

I hope to get back to writing blog posts more often again.    Best wishes to all.      

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