Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gotta Start Somewhere...

This feels very much like starting a new painting.  Blank canvas, somewhat unformed ideas, the creative urge pushing me forward, and a certain hesitation in putting the first marks down.  

But, I've gotta start somewhere.  

I love art.  Looking at it, learning about it, creating it.  Painting is my first love, but I never met an art or craft I didn't like!  I taught myself to decorate cakes as a kid.  I sew ballroom dance dresses for my daughter.   I did ceramic sculpture and pottery in college. I learned to knit (but forgot how.) I've painted furniture, murals, crafts, and canvases.  I love home decor magazines.  I adore the colors of water, sky, and growing things.

I'm kind of shy.  Kind of reserved.  Maybe that's my cultural and genetic heritage, the stoic Swedish reserve I remember in my parents and grandparents.  I don't tweet or tell everyone what I ate for dinner!  (Not that there's anything wrong with that!) But I do love to write, and I do long to connect with people.  So this is me, reaching out to connect. I truly hope I can create a blog worthy of being read and enjoyed.

My purpose in this blog is to journal my experiences as an artist: the joys and frustrations of painting and crafting, sharing creative ideas in art and crafts, and living life as it comes.  I'd like to show you works in progress, photos that inspire new paintings, and perhaps a video or two down the road.  Maybe talk about the great artists whose work inspires me and whose lives fascinate me.  Share with you beautiful things I find online and out & about.  My art adventures!  

I invite you to join me, and thank you for honoring me by reading what I write.      

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