Saturday, June 23, 2012

This and That

Today I listed this painting I recently finished onto my etsy site.  I'm up to 15 paintings and ACEOs now, which isn't a lot I know...but it represents a lot of time at my easel!  So I'm happy.  I've had many views of my shop and paintings there over the last week, and some have been 'hearted' a few times too.  That's fun!  

Of course I have a long list of favorite shops and items on etsy.  Great artists and craftspeople on that site and I'd like to share a few of my favs with you now and then.

I've been spending a lot of time online getting things going, which is necessary of course.  This weekend I'm going to make some time to get back to work in my 'studio' though!  My studio is really just a corner of our Florida room!  It's a good working space overlooking our yard and the busy birdfeeder.  One of our cats, Luke, keeps an eye on me there quite often.

I miss painting when I'm away from it for awhile.  I have a lot of ideas I'm working on for paintings, and also for painted Christmas ornaments and crafts.  I haven't made them for awhile and always enjoyed it.  I hope they will be perfect for etsy.  I'll be sure to show you some of my ideas as I develop them and then the works in progress.  It may still be June but Christmas will get here way faster than it seems possible.  It's that way every year!  This will be my first Christmas offering my work on etsy.  I'm thinking of opening a second shop for listing things that aren't fine art paintings, to keep things organized.  

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great weekend. 


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