Friday, June 29, 2012

New Painting and First Etsy Sale!

What a surprise to find someone bought a painting from my etsy shop today.  I have only had paintings listed since June 3rd, and this particular painting I listed only six days ago.  I have heard from other sellers how long it can take to sell the first item from a new store that I wasn't expecting much at this point.  I was focused on tweaking my titles, tags, and other SEO factors, interacting with the etsy community, and getting this blog going.  So having someone actually buy a painting was a total surprise, but very very welcome!  Yay!

I started a new 30x40 painting as a gift for my daughter, who is moving out this summer, for her new apartment.  She found a photo online she loves and I'm painting it just for her, but I'd like to share my progress as I go.  Here is the first day's work, from last weekend.

This is mainly the underpainting, which goes over the pencil sketch I started with.  I paint a loose, thinned coat over the entire painting.  Sometimes I do this in one color, with lighter and darker values to define the areas.  But on this one I used the deeper tones of each color.  I worked on the sky and distant land and water after finishing the underpainting.  I generally work back to front on landscapes but it's not a hard and fast rule.  

I worked on the painting for a while this afternoon, and this is the progress I made:

After more work on the clouds, I spent time on defining the horse and the stone fence in a rudimentary way.  I plan to paint this weekend for at lease several more hours so the painting will change a lot I'm sure.  Sunday night I plan to make another blog post and will have new photos to update my progress.  

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend!

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