Sunday, July 15, 2012

FineArtAmerica and Flickr

I'm happy to have made a sale on Friday through  FAA is a print-on-demand site where I have my paintings uploaded, and prints of almost any size can be made on canvas or paper, including posters and greeting cards.  The site produces the print and ships it, including any matting and framing a customer might order.  It's a very convenient way to get any kind of art you can imagine.  My work on FAA can be found at:

This is the painting that was purchased as a print:
I painted this in 2007.  It's a view of Crest Lake Park in Clearwater.  I have a lot of fond memories of this park; I loved to bike there as a kid, hung out with friends there in high school, and took my kids there to play on the playground when they were young.  We still take our dogs to the dog park there sometimes.  Unfortunately it tends to be a hangout for vagrants these days, but it's still a lovely little park. 

I enjoy looking at other artist's work on FAA and would like to share a link to one of my favorite artist's paintings with you.  Marlene Burns paints abstracts, which normally don't interest me too much, but hers are always sublime.  See what you think...

Last week I started a new account on Flickr, and uploaded my artwork there.  It's another social media site that has a lot of great photos and artwork, and an active community of users. There are many groups to choose from in which to participate and share work and personal photos.  It's a fun site, come check it out.  My photostream is at

I put a few paintings on that site that I don't have elsewhere.  This is one that I painted some years ago, and used a book on Italy for my reference photo.  Since it's not my original image I don't offer it for sale or prints, but I still like it :)  I don't use reference photo images that don't belong to me for paintings anymore, but it was fun to practice painting on this one as I was learning to paint landscapes.  

Another work week begins.  Hope everyone has a good Monday tomorrow.  Thanks for visiting!

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