Sunday, August 12, 2012

Making Progress

So happy to have made some good progress in my work on the holiday baskets.  The fall themed one that I call "Pumpkin Patch" is done, and I'm about to list it in my etsy shop.  I did add a fox to one side, and a bird to the other, since my last post showing it.

 I've also almost finished a Christmas-Winter themed one this weekend, except for a few more details on the sides and interior, and varnishing it. I'm calling it "Snow Birds."

It's been fun watching the Olympics the last couple of weeks.  Amazing how human beings can push themselves to extremes to achieve a goal, isn't it?  And how some people's bodies are capable of incredible strength, flexibility, grace, precise movement, endurance, beauty, speed...though not all at the same time, generally!  (Although I personally think dancers combine them pretty well!)  

I was touched and inspired by many of the athlete's stories; were you too?  Gabby Douglas' amazing gymnastic ability, the South African man with prosthetic legs running in track events, the young Saudi woman competing in judo, the first woman of her nation in the Olympics.  Hard to believe that there are still places in this world where women are so controlled and virtually imprisoned in their homes, prohibited even from exercising.  I heard that she may face a lifetime of being shunned and criticized in her own country.  I wish her well and hope that her world will change for the better...and make progress toward freedom for her and the women of her nation and religion. 

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  1. Those painted baskets are really beautiful, Penny. I hope you sell them all. And I, too, wish for the Saudi woman 1) that she made a difference and 2) that she will have a 'normal' life (whatever that may be...)
    Take care!


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