Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fun Project to Promote my Business

I drive a '98 Mercury Mystique with about 114k miles on it. It's not very reliable, and not very pretty, but it represents "No Car Payment" to me, and so I drive it happily!  I hope to get a couple more years of payment-free driving out of it.  

My sister-in-law gave it to us a few years ago when she got a new car.  We had been calling it The Little Red Car, then shortened to LRC, for awhile, but I decided to call it Lucy, because it's shorter than saying "L-R-C", and it's a ditzy redhead ala Lucille Ball.  Sometimes she's Leaky Lucy, since after it rains I have a puddle in my driver's side floor...sometimes she's Lurchy Lucy when her tranny is out of sorts.  She may be old, creaky and cranky, but she's got character.

I also decided to decorate her.  Why not?  Don't think we'll be selling her, except maybe for scrap when we can't get another mile out of her. 

So I started shopping on etsy for vinyl decals for Lucy.  I collected several, and thought, why not make her a rolling advertisement for my etsy site?  I ordered some more decals and the last ones just arrived, from China after 4 weeks of shipping, last Friday.  I also had bumper stickers made on with some of my artwork. 

I spent most of Sunday putting the decals on in the garage. Hot and buggy out there (yay for Repel Lemon Eucalptus Insect Repellent!)  Take a look!

  The sun was a bit bright here, sorry, but this is the passenger side.
Here's the driver's side.  
The back is the best I think.  I paraphrased a quote to come up with the motto "Art is an Adventure of the Mind" to tie in with my blog name.  Underneath are my website urls.
And the back window has an Art Life decal, a Peace Love Rescue decal, and my zazzle bumper stickers.

I put about 30 white butterflies all over the sides and a few on the back, and then used colored Sharpies to decorate them.  I have no idea how that will hold up in the weather, but I'm sure I'll find out!  I might add more later.  

It's much more festive now, I think!  I have no idea if it will actually lead to anyone going to my sites or not, but it'll be fun to drive around.  Lucy is all dressed up and ready to hit the town.

PS...I sold another print on yesterday! This was one of the Napa Valley Vineyard, the original sold last month from my store.  This is being on a roll, for me!  


  1. This looks great. I would be proud do drive it to promote your business.

  2. Great looking car 'Lucy'! I love it, hope it brings you more and more business!

  3. How fun! I almost bought myself a car decal when I made my recent Vistaprint order, but then I chickened out. :P


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